Whey powder and whey derivatives

Melkweg supplies high-quality whey powders and whey derivatives for industrial uses. 

Definition: Whey is a by-product of the cheese manufactured from cow’s milk. It contains useful components such as sugars (lactose), proteins, vitamins and minerals. The whey can be evaporated to make a powder and different techniques can be employed during the drying process to extract, separate or reduce the components into a wide variety of different whey powders: products such as WPC, lactose, demineralised whey powder and whey permeate.

Our whey powder and whey derivatives product range

Below you will find our standard product specifications. We will also be happy to supply you with dairy commodities that meet your individual requirements. 

Melkweg exclusive representative of Zoogamma products

The VanDrie Group possesses a large wheypowder factory in Casalbuttano, Northern Italy, called Zoogamma. The surrounding cheese producers (Parmesan, Grana Padano) are supplying their liquid whey to the Zoogamma-plant where a high quality wheypowder, rich in nutritional value, is being produced. For the time being only feed quality, but a separate food-production is under construction.

Melkweg is the exclusive representative for the external sales of the Zoogamma wheypowder. We have established a solid client network for this high quality product both within the European Union as in the world market. 

We will soon start the sales of wheypowder for human consumption from our factory.

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