Melkweg is a supplier of high-quality dairy commodities


At Melkweg we are committed to Quality at all levels of the organization – after all, ‘We all do care about what we eat’.

The modern consumer will not go for less; therefore we are dedicated to supply only dairy products and - ingredients that meet  internationally accepted quality standards.

We work with a selective group of suppliers that meet these international standards. We want to ensure that what we supply to our customers is of the finest quality, but also, that in case of complaints, traceability and accountability procedures are in place.

We work mainly with GFSI Certified Suppliers or those that have completed our Supplier Questionnaire.

We also keep as a standard procedure an updated database of product specifications, material safety data sheets, etc of all products we supply.

We are happy that we achieved our BRC Accreditation in 2019, wich we are upgrading on an ongoing basis. It goes without saying that we expect our suppliers to have the same or equivalent quality standards.

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