Our practice for doing business fairly

Values such as commitment, an eye for quality and responsibility resonate strongly with the family business that is the VanDrie Group. That means that we also want to do business fairly. We expect the same from our business partners.

Our business relationships
We want to enter into fair, reliable and reciprocal relationships with our business partners. Partners who acknowledge and respect our standards, for example when it comes to integrity and due diligence. We reserve the right to conduct audits at business partners in order to assess our own due diligence. We expect our business partners to perform their activities in a fair and competitive manner, in line with competition requirements. We do not accept any behaviour that is intended to mislead others. We expect our business partners to prevent fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism at all times and to
take the necessary measures to ensure this.

Respect in every link of our food system
We want our business partners to meet the latest requirements, whether that be statutory requirements or mutually agreed standards. We believe it is important that violations of animal welfare, environmental and/or food safety are prevented and require efforts to this end from our partners. We expect our partners to be committed to safe working conditions, wherever that be in the chain. We require our business partners to respect internationally-recognized human rights. We do not accept any discrimination, transgressive behaviour or intimidation, nor do we tolerate the use of child or forced labour.

Preventing conflicts of interest
We ask our business partners to avoid any possible indication of a conflict of interest and to provide full disclosure if a possible conflict could arise. We do not accept any form of bribery. We demand that our business partners do not give or promise something of value to anybody, with the aim being to influence a business decision for the benefit of the VanDrie Group.

Fair communication
We want to communicate in an open, respectful and prudent manner. Together with our business partners, we want to ensure that all confidential information is properly protected and unauthorised disclosure is prevented. We respect the privacy rights of our business partners and expect the same from them.

Report deviations
If you suspect that the VanDrie Group, one of its subsidiaries, employees or a third party with which the VanDrie Group does business, is not acting in accordance with the practice of doing business fairly or is not respecting legislation and regulations, please report this to the management of the subsidiary concerned or to the Director Corporate Affairs of the VanDrie Group. Are you unable to work things out or is the situation such that you want to report anonymously? In that case, please contact our SpeakUp web service via: www.vandriegroup.com.

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