New product range

As part of our brand development strategy, we recently launched a new product range – Mellait Instant full cream milk powder (IFCMP) in tins. The Mellait brand is already popular in many West African countries and we are excited this product range will take our brand to an advanced level.
Manufactured in the Netherlands, Mellait is a premium Full cream milk powder with a fantastic taste. Mellait IFCMP is highly nutritious and provides some essential nutrients needed by the body for healthy development such as proteins, calcium and vitamins. This product is available in tins of 400G, 900G and 2500G.
For a start Mellait IFCMP is being supplied to some African countries but will eventually be available in countries in the Middle East and Asia.
This product will be commercialized through a network of Importers and Distributors that supply supermarkets and shops across many countries in Africa. Eventually, Mellait IFCMP will become an unmissable item on most breakfast tables in many homes in Africa.

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